Rough tanks and what to use - How to polish aluminum


These tanks had not been done in several years.  

the Products we used to get this result


Step 1 Sanding

320, 400 and 600 grit sand paper

 Step 2 Cutting Stage

FastCut buffing wheel

439T Rouge bar, heavy cut


Step 3 Finishing

White untreated Buffing wheel

Matchless Blue Rouge bar



and of course using  a 6000 rpm Dewalt grinder


hope this helps shed some light on how to achieve a mirror shine

Denis Champagne

Master Detailer

- Onwer at DC Super Shine



Interesting Image
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  • Paul Smith

    I own a 2012 aluminium septic tanker. it has never been polished or been treated. only wash and go. the water spots and oxidation is killing me. I need to get hooked up on a kit or the right products. please email me and send me an invoice. thanks
    Paul Smith
    Huntsville Al

  • Martin Gordon

    I am interested in polishing tankers. I would like to buy a starter kit. I am not sure what that is but I imagine an orbital sander and an angle grinder plus the appropriate sand paper and polishing wheels and compounds. Can I buy a set up like this from you with your recommendations? Thank you.

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