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How to polish Tanks "The Right Way"

Steps to Polishing tanks


Polishing Aluminum Rims

Not sure if my wheels are coated with Durabright, can I polish them?

Can wheels/rims be sanded and or polished on the truck?

Step by Step on how to polish rims


Sanding is the Secret

What sand paper grits do you use when sanding?

Can you sand checker plate/diamond plate?

What kind of sand paper do you use?

DC Super Shine Kits

answer about the DC Super Shine Kit

Will your Kit work on my Pontoon, Fishing boat, small engine parts, car rims etc...

How many Trucks can i polish with 1 Kit?

Do I need an adapter or extender to use your kit?

I received my kit and the safety sheets says not to exceed 3400rpm...

Polishing Problems & Questions

Everything on how to polish the "RIGHT" way

When I polish it leaves lines or buffer marks, brown zebra lines

Do you wet sand or dry sand?

Do you use acid?

Do you polish stainless the same way you polish aluminum?

How long does it take to polish a truck, tank or rim?

How do I mount the flanges?

My aluminum is badly pitted, what grit sand paper should I use?

Do you use a sealant after you polish?

I'm doing 5-8 steps why am i not getting your results?

How much pressure do you apply when polishing?

How fast do you move your grinder when you polish?

How long do your bars last?

I scratched my tank or rim, can it be fixed?

How many Polishing steps to you do?

How do you get in tight spots?

How do you polish the top of tanks?

How do I remove the black residue after polishing?

How Often Should I be using the rake?

How long will the shine last?

Is your system easy for someone who has never polished before?

Polishing as a business

Everything related to business

What should I charge my customers?

Do you sell kits for business start-ups?